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Rural Land

Data Series Description

Rural land data is based on transactions provided by land market professionals in Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The reported sample of sales does not include all sales in these states. However, the large sample provided effectively represents market developments in these states. For detailed information on the calculation of the statistics, see the Data User Guide.

The data presents analyses of prices and acreages on a statewide and regional basis. The Texas data includes an annual analysis for 33 smaller Land Market Areas (LMAs).

The website reports both nominal and real prices. The nominal price presents actual prices recorded in the transactions while the real prices report nominal prices adjusted for inflation to constant 1966 dollars for Texas and constant 2000 dollars for Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Three distinct sets of information are reported on the website under Select a Geography:

  • States: Statewide data for the selected state.
  • Regions: Regional data for the selected region.
  • Land Market Areas: Annual data for localized land market areas. (**Data available only for Texas)

Getting More Detail

In addition to the data provided on this site, the Texas Chapter of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers’ website reports regional analyses of markets by land use. These reports are available at

Users should regard the statistics in all data and reports as indicators of past general conditions in these markets. The reported data do not represent prices or values of any particular farm or ranch. However, the data do provide a general guide to land market price levels and size trends. Users should not regard the reported data as a substitute for an appraisal or market study of current local sales regarding the value of any particular farm or ranch.

See the Rural Land homepage for additional resources.

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